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Biratnagar is a major commercial city located in the southeastern part of Nepal. Biratnagar Metropolitan city is the capital of Province-1 (Koshi Province ) and it is located in Morang district of Nepal. It is also one of the largest cities in Nepal in terms of population and economic activity. It is the industrial, commercial, and administrative center of eastern Nepal. The city is surrounded by Katahari and Jahada Gaupalika in the East, India Border (Araria District-Jogbani Pass) in the south, Budhiganga and Gramthan gaupalika in the North, and Kesaliya river in the west. This city is home to 19.77 percent of the total population of the Morang district.
Real estate in Biratnagar has been growing steadily over the years, thanks to the city’s economic growth and its strategic location as a gateway to the eastern region of Nepal. Biratnagar is the home of people from different communities and religions.

The real estate market in Biratnagar is diverse and offers a wide range of properties, including residential properties such as apartments, houses, and plots of land, as well as commercial properties such as shops, offices, and industrial spaces. The prices of real estate in Biratnagar vary depending on the location, size, and type of property.

Some popular residential areas in Biratnagar include Tintoliya, Pokhariya, Madhumara, Bargachhi, Koshi Project, Rani Mills Area, Jatuwa, Janpath Tole, Panchali, Pichara, Kanchanbari, Puspalal chowk, Rajbanshi Chowk, Sarochiya, etc. These areas offer a mix of apartments and houses, ranging from affordable to high-end properties.

If you are planning to purchase properties at Biratnagar, residential land at Biratnagar, commercial land at Biratnagar, apartments at Biratnagar, or Houses at Biratnagar or wants to buy sale land home building properties at biratnagar then there are different real estate agencies and real estate agents at Biratnagar. Ghar Jagga Biratnagar ( is one of the leading and most popular real estate websites in Biratnagar. The website offers a wide variety of properties including land and house at Biratnagar. Many other real estate agents are actively working at Biratnagar. There is much chance of venerability and fraud from the information posted on social sites. However some popular genuine Local Classified Marketplace sites, facebook groups and facebook pages are there where real estate products are listed online. Many of those are fake and prices are hiked compared to their real price. It is strongly recommended to all buyers and sellers not to get behind facebook fake posts.

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Commercial properties in Biratnagar can be found in areas such as Traffic Chowk, Koshi Highway, Main Road, Kanchanbari Chowk, Roadcess Chowk, Devkota Chowk, Hospital Chowk, etc. These areas are popular for their proximity to the city’s commercial centers and offer a variety of options for businesses.

Overall, the real estate market in Biratnagar is expected to continue growing in the coming years, driven by the city’s economic development and infrastructure improvements.

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