Purbelibazar.com – the Purbeli Bazar mobile application creators – prioritizes and values the security and privacy of the information you share with us through our App. We intend to make our users as comfortable using our app as possible. If you are to trust us with your information, you must understand how we collect, use, and maintain it.

When you are about to acquire our app, you’ll need to register with us. The registration gives us your First and Last Name and Email Address and Phone Number.

Information Collection and Use

We may require you to provide us with certain personal information for a better experience. This information includes but is not limited to, name, address, and location data. This information will only be accessible to us and will only be used as described in this privacy policy.

Personal Information:

When you register and provide your name, email address, account username, and password, we will not retain your address information. Instead, this information is stored in to Checkout – our payment gateway company.\n\nWe may also need extra information for support purposes, such as the URL of your site, admin, and FTP access. We only collect this data when you need extensive and effective support. All the data we receive for support requests is saved in our support system.

Non-Personal Information:

When you download Purbeli Bazar, the same payment gateway collects your IP address and geo-location information.

Support System Emails:

When we offer support for our Purbeli Bazar application, we store your email address when you email us for support. Our support system, which supports email communications and stores our users’ usernames and email addresses. However, if necessary, we can import/ export the data.

Why Is User Information Collected?

   If you run a business and need to use Purbeli Bazar, you’ll need to register with us, upon which we’ll collect your personal information. This registration effectively makes you our customer and can download items from our site.

What Is Your Data Used For?

      With the data stored with our support system, we get to identify you as our customer and send notifications and updates. The information we send could be product releases, updates, and discount offers. Guest users – who haven’t registered – don’t have permission to take any actions on our websites. Therefore, as a valued customer, we trust you enough to allow you to perform these actions.

For How Long is Personal Information Retained?

When you register with us, your personal information and email are retained for the sake of future support. This information remains stored with us until you delete your personal information.

What We Don’t Do with Your Personal Information:

We don’t and will never disclose, share, or provide your private information with other companies to market their own services or products. It is also against our policy to share your personal information with unauthorized people.

Your Rights Over Your Data:

        As a registered user, it is within your rights to edit your personal information. You can also request that a file of your information be exported. Upon logging into our site, you can delete your data too.


 Cookies are small files with little data that are often used for unique anonymous identification. The website you visit sends them to your browser and stores them on your device’s internal memory.

Although our app or service may not use cookies explicitly, it may utilize third-party coding that uses them to collect information and improve their services. You will know when cookies are being sent to your device and have the option to accept or refuse cookies. However, rejecting cookies may deter you from accessing some services.

Our Security Procedures Against Data Breaches:

We value the trust you’ve placed in us by giving us your personal information. Therefore, we employ industry-standard security means and technologies to protect your personal information from unauthorized disclosure, access, or use. Please don’t disclose your registration password and username to unauthorized people to help us protect your privacy.

Even though no internet transmission method or electronic storage procedure is 100% watertight, Purbelibazar.com and Purbeli Bazar app leaves nothing to chance in efforts to protect your personal information.In case your information is accessed by unauthorized people or is lost, we’ll inform you as soon as we become aware of this.

How to Access Your Data or Edit Your Personal Information:

        When you log in on our site with your details, all your account information will be available for you to edit or delete. If you want to stop email notifications for the Purbeli Bazar app, just unsubscribe or send us an email, and we’ll erase your email or account. Ensure that your email’s subject reads ‘delete my username’.

Contact Us

     If you have any suggestions or questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us via purbelibazar@gmail.com