Registration process at Purbeli Bazar App is as simple

STEP-1 : At first open Purbeli Bazar app in your phone [ If you have not installed Purbeli Bazar app, Click here -> How to install Install Purbeli Bazar App? ]

nepal marketplace android app purbelibazar app in play store
Purbeli Bazar Android- Marketplace App on Google Playstore

STEP-2 : After Opening the app Click on Account button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Or Click on Log in/Sign up button at the center of the screen.
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STEP-3 : Login to Purbeli Bazar

For existing user : If you have already registered at Purbeli Bazar, then type username and password to login or you can also login using google and facebook login.

For New user : New user can login using their facebook or google login. You can also login using your email id
login to first online marketplace of Nepal

STEP-4 : After successful login, phone number verification is needed. To verify phone number click on My Profile.
user profile puerbeli bazar app marketplace nepal

STEP-5 : Press Add Phone Number button and enter phone number in phone number text box and verify it.
phone number verification purbeli bazar marketplace nepal

STEP-6 : Enter OTP code in OTP verification text box.
phone number otp verification at purbeli bazar app

STEP -7 : You will get successful phone number verification message. Your registration is complete.
phone number final verification purbeli bazar app marketplace nepal

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