biratnagar metropolitan office building

Biratnagar’s development expenditure is 34.15 percent, ranking second among the 6 Metropolises.

In the first 7 months until the end of January of the current fiscal year, among the 6 metropolitan cities of the country, Biratnagar has ranked second in spending the most on development. Biratnagar has spent 34.15 percent of the allocated budget for development. Birgunj metropolis spends the most on development, with 34.31 percent.

biratnagar metropolitan office building
Biratnagar Metropolitan Office Building

Biratnagar Mayor Nagesh Koirala said that construction of physical infrastructure is underway in all 19 wards of the metropolis. Projects include the development of Ranipokhari, Manthapokhari, Pradhan Mantri Park, Children’s Garden, Evening Aarti Venue, Metropolitan Administrative Building, Polytechnic School, and roads in Biratnagar 5 and 6, as well as in front of Biratnagar Eye Hospital in Biratnagar-13.

Similarly, Mayor Koirala stated that various schemes totaling over 1 Arab and 15 Crore, including the construction of a road from Bishwakarma Chowk in Biratnagar-8 to Singhia via railway, are in the process of implementation. The metropolis has reported the completion of the Birendra Auditorium, costing around 22 Crore, which has now reached the handover stage. Mayor Koirala also mentioned the construction of a pond at Birat Raja Darbar, costing nearly 1 Crore.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has spent the least on development in the first 6 months of the current financial year, covering only 14.11 percent of the development expenditure. Bharatpur has spent only about 18 percent of the allocated capital expenditure. Meanwhile, Lalitpur stands at 33 percent, and Pokhara Metropolitan City at 25 percent.

All three levels of government have emphasized the importance of implementing development expenditure when releasing the budget. However, weak implementation often results in rushed development work at the end of the financial year. Mayor Koirala attributed Biratnagar’s success in development expenditure to the coordination and activity of ward presidents in the metropolis, along with the responsibility of staff administration.

The current expenditure of Biratnagar metropolis is 44.31 percent. Chief Administrative Officer Rajendra Parajuli reported that out of the current allocation of 1.54 billion 85 million rupees, 68.62 million rupees have been spent. Deputy Mayor Shilpa Nirala Karki highlighted that Biratnagar surpasses other metropolises in terms of development expenditure due to regular monitoring and consumer activism.

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