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Sarthak Clearing House Biratnagar Customs Agent

Are you looking for the best customs clearance agent at Biratn Customs Office in Nepal? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the bestcustoms clearance agent in Biratnagar along with their contact details and the services offer. Let’s dive in!

bhansar agent at customs office biratnagar

Biratnagar Customs Clearance Agency Details

  • Name: Sarthak Clearing House
  • Phone Number: +977-9804398256
  • Email:
  • Address:
  • Registred Office
  • Sarthak Clearing House
    ICP Biratnagar Customs Office, Biratnagar, Nepal
  • Branch Office
  • Roadcess Chowk, NICASIA Bank Building, Biratnagar
  • Services Provided By Biratnagar Customs Agent

At Sarthak Clearing House Customs Agency, you can expect a wide range of customs clearance services, including:

  • Import and export clearance
  • Customs documentation
  • Duty drawback services
  • Tariff classification assistance
  • Customs consulting and advisory services

About Biratnagar Customs Office

Biratnagar Customs Office plays a crucial role in facilitating international trade in Nepal. Located in the eastern part of the country, it serves as a major gateway for goods entering and exiting Nepal. The office is known for its efficient processes and professional staff who ensure smooth customs clearance procedures.


When it comes to customs clearance in Nepal, Sarthak Clearing House Customs Agency stands out as the best choice in Biratnagar. With their expertise, reliable services, and dedication to customer satisfaction, they make the customs clearance process hassle-free and efficient. Contact Sarthak Clearing House Customs Agency today for all your customs clearance needs!

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