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  1. What is is a Free classified website, a common platform where sellers and buyers can contact each other and make deal. 

  2. How can I post an ad?

    Look for the Post an Ad button on our app or site and select the category to indicate what type of product you wish to sell. Fill in the details, upload pictures of the product and click POST.

  3. Do I have to Register to post an ad in Purbelibazar?

    Yes, You need to Register in Purbelibazar to post an ad and its 100% Free. Having an account in Purbelibazar has many benefits

  4. Why choose is the first classified website in Eastern Nepal. It helps to connect buyers and sellers. We have large network of buyers and sellers. Moreover, these Ads also posted in different groups and pages associated with us.

  5. What benefits do I get as a member?

    After getting registered to, you can upload unlimited number of Ads, and without any investment you are connected to our network.

  6. How can I register in the site?

    Registration at Purbelibazar is completely free. You can click on Register button, fill up the details in registration form and click submit button.

  7. I cannot login after registering, it says email address validation required?

    Yes, we need to verify your email address to complete registration process. To verify email Click on the verification email sent from purbelibazar. Once email is verified you can post Ads.

  8. How do I post an ad for my product or services in the site?

    To post Ads, at first you need to get registered at, After getting registered, you can select the category, location, details and upload picture.

  9. While posting ads, I am being asked to verify My mobile Number?

    Yes you need to verify your mobile number in-order to include your mobile number at your advertisement. Mobile verification is very simple, OTP will be sent as SMS from to given mobile number.

  10. Can I upload images for my ad?

    Yes, you can upload maximum six pictures to a single Ad Post.

  11. Are there any restrictions with ad images?

    Yes, you need to follow Ad posting rules; the upload picture must be related with the Ad Post.

  12. Can I change the details of product later?

    Yes definitely , you have Edit Ad option, using this feature you can change the details.

  13. Can I change my personal information and password later?

    Yes you can change your password and limited personal information also.

  14. What is Featured ads, Popular ads, Recently listed ads?

    Featured Ads are the Ads that are displayed at the top of homepage. User need to pay to display their Ads in Featured Ads Section. Popular Ads are the content most searched and viewed by the users. Recent Ads are the Ad post which is posted recently.

  15. What is verified Phone?

    Verified phone number means that phone number is checked by our system that whether the seller belongs the number or not.

  16. Does a Buyer need to register at

    No, registration for Buyer is not compulsion, but to get updates and notification about the products, it is recommended to register.

  17. How can I find product that I want to buy in better way?

    You can search the product according to categories or simply use search - advanced search feature to display the product according to your location, price and keywords.

  18. Is 100% Free?

    Yes purbelibazar is 100% Free. User need to pay only if they want to post promotional Ads as Feature Ad.

  19. How to pay for Feature Ads?

    You can post Feature Ads, to get more attention and views from the users. You can pay through esewa, bank transfer, money transfer, paypal. You can contact us through email, message, or Call us and our representative will guide you.

  20. Is secured?

    Yes is 100% secured and trusted by many users. You can visit our registered office at Biratnagar.