5 star hotel lemon tree premier biratnagar

Biratnagar, the capital of Nepal’s Koshi province, is gearing up for the grand opening of its first five-star hotel, the Lemon Tree Premier, by June 2024. Led by Shubh International Hospitality Private Limited, the project represents a significant investment of 1.51 billion rupees.

Indian Expertise, Local Investment:

  • The hotel will operate under the renowned Indian brand ‘Lemon Tree Premier,’ managed by its subsidiary Cornish Hotels Private Limited.
  • Founders of Shubh International Hospitality hold a 47% equity stake, while the remaining 53% is financed by a bank loan.

Luxury in Phases:

  • The hotel boasts a spacious design with 80 well-appointed rooms, with plans to initially launch 56 rooms in the first phase.
  • The Lemon Tree Premier brand’s reputation and Biratnagar’s strategic location near the Nepal-India border are expected to attract significant Indian tourism.

Financials and History:

  • 75% of the project’s finances have been secured, with 54% coming from the bank loan.
  • Established in 2011, Shubh International Hospitality took over a former department store to embark on this ambitious project.
  • Initial plans for a smaller, 56-room hotel with a lower budget (1.28 billion rupees) were later expanded to meet growing demand.

A Team Effort:

  • Kavin Shrestha, Vinaykumar Aggarwal Chaudhary, Sita Devi Chaudhary Aggarwal, and Ganga Khatiwada are the driving forces behind the hotel’s success.
  • Kavin, the company chairman, holds a 25% ownership stake, while Vinaykumar, Sita Devi, and Ganga own 30%, 40%, and 5% respectively.

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